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Freedom is more than money.

Every person’s journey toward achieving financial freedom is unique. No two paths are alike. But there is one stage of the journey that we can all share at any time: living generously.

Generous living – and giving – can make an extraordinary difference in transforming the lives of others.

There are multiple ways that you can give back.

Donate Your Time

You are donating your time to causes and organizations in need.

To find volunteer opportunities in your area, check out sites like Volunteer Match. You can find causes and organizations that not only need your help, but need your passion to inspire others to give.

Did you know that the value of a volunteer hour is $25.43?*
*Source: Independent Sector

Donate Your Talent

You are donating your talent to organizations and individuals that help and inspire others.

Whether you have an eye for photography, expertise in music, a knack for cooking…whatever your talents are, you can be generous by sharing them with others. In addition to your favorite charitable organizations, look to churches, youth sports leagues, retirement homes, and community centers in your area for opportunities to teach and inspire others.

Donate Your Treasure

You are donating your treasure to organizations and individuals that matter most to you.

The ultimate milestone for many on the financial freedom journey is continuing to build wealth, while giving money generously to organizations and individuals that matter most to you.

In addition to making direct contributions to your favorite charities, here are some ways you take your passion for giving even further:

Donor-Advised Fund

For those looking to make a more substantial, ongoing contribution to charitable organizations, a donor-advised fund is an option to consider.

In addition to making a significant monetary impact, a donor-advised fund provides you the opportunity to build a legacy while receiving the benefit of tax deductions. These funds are typically professionally managed and distributed to your approved causes, with less cost than a private foundation.

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The philanthropic arm of the credit union, the FAIRWINDS Foundation’s core purpose is helping individuals to become financially informed and confident, armed with the tools and information needed to improve their financial health. The more confident you are about your financial health, the more our communities’ economic financial well-being grows.

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