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Hurricane Ian Update

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Updated: Wed, September 28, 2022 at 05:03pm EDT | Financial freedom happens here.

Created in 1996, National 401(k) Day has historically been celebrated on the Friday following Labor Day to shine a spotlight on this important employee benefit. Since the late 1990s, plans have evolved substantially, and most participants can now choose from a diverse variety of investments. The chart below shows how 401(k) and profit-sharing funds were invested in 2020.

Total Plan Assets by Fund Type in 2022

Total Plan Assets by Fund Type in 2022 chart
Total Plan Assets by Fund Type in 2022
Fund Type Assets
Target date/lifecycle 23.9%
Indexed equity 21.7%
Actively managed equity 20.8%
Stable value 9%
Company stock 6.8%
Indexed domestic bond 5%
Actively managed domestic bond 4.1%
Other 3.7%
Balanced/asset allocation 2.7%
Self-directed brokerage window 2.3%