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1. Create or update your budget.

List and track your expenses, then see where you can make changes to start building your $1,000 as quickly as possible.

How quickly can you save $1,000?

  • $5.55 each day for 6 months
  • $2.74 each day for 12 months
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2. Open a separate Emergency Savings Account.

Emergencies include an unexpected medical expense, car repair, roof leak, etc.

A separate savings account is an easy way to keep your emergency fund out of sight and out of mind.

Open a FAIRWINDS Emergency Savings Account and earn 3.00% APY* on the first $1,000 you save.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Open an Emergency Account Now

To open an Emergency Savings account now, simply choose Apply Now at the top of this page and select Deposit Account.

Add an Emergency Account
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3. Round up your debit card purchases to help build your savings.

Use an automated debit card round-up program, like Change it Up, to help grow your emergency savings faster.

Available for free with a FAIRWINDS Freedom Spending or Checking Account, each purchase you make with a FAIRWINDS Visa® Debit Card will automatically round up to the nearest dollar.

The difference will deposit directly into your FAIRWINDS Emergency Savings Account.

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Member Story:
Save $1,000 for an emergency - Milestone 1

“I just graduated from UCF with my bachelor’s in psychology and my health science minor at age 20! After a lot of hard work, I have been able to reach my first milestone to financial freedom and save over $3,000. I'm really excited about this because my family struggles financially, so for me to be able to grow my savings, it really means the world to me.”

AglaiaOrlando, FL