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1. List your goals and determine how much you need to save for them.

This includes your next car, vacation, furniture, kid’s college, etc.

Listing your goals within a budgeting tool helps you track your progress and see the amount you’ll need to save for each goal.

Learn More About Goals and Budgets Setup Goals and Budgets


Average $182 per guest


Average $25,900 for in-state


Average $1,145 per person

New Roof

Average $7,995 to replace

2. Open a savings account.

Separate your emergency savings from your goals-based savings to know when you’ll use funds for specific purchases and planned events.

Learn More About Our Savings Options

To open a Savings account now, simply choose Apply Now at the top of this page and select Deposit Account.

3. Rename your accounts.

Put a name to your savings account like, “My Next Car” or “Our Wedding.” This will keep your momentum going by having a visual of what you’re working towards alongside your expenses.

How to Rename Accounts

Select My Settings in the top right corner and then select Rename & Hide Your Accounts.

Member Story:
Set goals and save for them - Milestone 6

“I made my dream of going to Greece and Italy a reality. I worked overtime and took on a second job to make it happen. It was amazing. I used my FAIRWINDS account as my vacation account. It was so inspiring to see the money increase until I had enough to go on this once in a lifetime trip. I am single, lived alone and had a basic income. I was able to save by only spending on essentials and focusing on my end goal.”

Yvonne Orlando, FL