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From utilities to monthly subscriptions, take care of all of your bills from one convenient location.

Save yourself a trip to the post office by taking care of all your bills from one convenient location. Schedule, categorize, manage and make multiple payments—it’s never been easier.

Keep your bills organized with custom categories and schedule automatic payments so you never miss a due date, FAIRWINDS’ Bill Payer lets you save the time and the cost of mailing checks for each payment with a one-stop solution to your monthly dues. You can also pay virtually anyone, anywhere, including friends, family members and merchants! Access this feature, and many more, through FAIRWINDS Online.

How It Works

  1. Schedule your payment.
  2. Payment is sent to biller.
  3. Biller is paid on scheduled pay date.
  4. Funds are deducted from your account upon receipt by the biller.

Bill Payer Support