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Change it Up turns your everyday debit card purchases into major saving opportunities.

How it works:

  1. When you enroll (for free!) in Change it Up, we'll automatically round up your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar.
  2. The difference will transfer directly from your FAIRWINDS Spending or Checking account to either:
  3. Your FAIRWINDS savings account
    - OR -
    Your FAIRWINDS loan account
    (as a principal payment)

  4. Want to round-up even more? Add dollar increments to your change it up to save more or pay down faster.

How your savings add up:

Your Debit Card Purchase Amount Automatically Rounds Up By: Round Up with Additional Funds
(Example: Automatically add $1.00 to every debit card purchase, including whole dollar purchases)
Gas - $27.24 $0.76 $1.76
Groceries - $119.12 $0.88 $1.88
Lunch - $11.80 $0.20 $1.20
Total: $1.84 $4.84
Our members have already rounded up $8,308,576.53

Let's get started!

You'll need a:

Then, choose one of these savings accounts or loan accounts to receive the round-up:

Enroll today!


Select the ¢hange it up option from the Additional Services menu.

Android App

Select the ¢hange it up option from the More menu.

iPhone App

Select the ¢hange it up option from the More menu.

iPad App

Select the ¢hange it up option on the bottom of the app screen.

Common Questions

FAIRWINDS Credit Union reserves the right to change or cancel the ¢hange it up savings program at any time without notice.