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1. Refinance your mortgage to a shorter term.

With a shorter-term mortgage like 15 years, you could save tens of thousands of dollars in interest and lessen the amount of time you’ll pay for your home.

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2. Accelerate your mortgage payoff with bi-weekly payments.

Paying half of your monthly payment every two weeks instead of one full amount every month is an easy way to pay down your mortgage faster. Making 26 half payments results in 13 full payments over a 12-month period. These additional payments reduce the length of your loan while saving on interest.

3. Keep making extra payments toward your mortgage.

Keep fine-tuning your budget and find more opportunities to make additional payments. This can include reducing expenses and applying any bonuses and raises you receive toward your balance.

Member Story:
Pay off your home as quickly as possible - Milestone 8

"My wife Michelle and I were able to pay off our home this past November. We worked hard over the past several years through various challenges and were finally able to accomplish this goal. The sense of security of owning our home outright is incredible!"

Jeremiah Deltona, FL