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Easy. Flexible. Personal.


Banking solutions that match your lifestyle, not our business hours.

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Borrow smarter with <em>FAIRWINDS</em>.


From a new car to your forever home or a line of credit for emergencies, we'll help you finance your next big purchase and find payments to fit your budget.

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Helping you achieve financial freedom...


Wherever you are in your retirement planning, our team of Financial Advisors is here to help you.

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Get the coverage you need.


Enjoy peace of mind when your most valuable assets are protected.

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Better banking starts here.

Banking Services

With extra special perks to keep you in control of your finances and services that protect you from anything lurking around the corner, we have the solution.

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The right loan options for your needs.

Loan Services

Taking out an auto loan, home mortgage or personal line of credit is a big decision. Luckily, we’re here to help you along the way.

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With you, wherever you are.

Wherever you are.

From your first savings account to a retirement plan that takes you to financial freedom, we're here for you.

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<em>FAIRWINDS</em> Rewards


The rewards of membership are limitless. Discounts, bonuses, cash-back and travel rewards are just the beginning.

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