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EasyVest is an automated investment management tool that provides you with a tailored plan to help you save more or start building wealth.

EasyVest is an ideal solution for FAIRWINDS members who are newer to investing, are wanting to invest in smaller amounts, or are looking for investment options through a robo-advisor.

EasyVest is simple.

Your EasyVest profile and account can be set up in minutes and for as little as $200. Then, after answering a few basic questions about yourself and your financial goals, a recommended and custom investment strategy will be provided to you.

Your recommended investment strategy is created using EasyVest’s automated robo/digital advisor that constantly processes and analyzes live market data, helping to optimize your portfolio based on your goals.

Get started.

EasyVest is available through your FAIRWINDS Online or Mobile Banking account. Simply log in and select the option EasyVest in the Additional Services menu (FAIRWINDS Online) or More menu (FAIRWINDS Mobile App).