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Get a snapshot of your financial health anytime.

With Goals & Budgets, simplify your life with a one-stop shop for managing your money for FREE when you login to FAIRWINDS Mobile and Online Banking.

Let us help guide your way.

Here are a few examples of how we can help you on each stage of your journey to Financial Freedom.

Save More
  • Track your savings
  • Create budgets
  • Monitor spending
Eliminate Debt
  • Plan early payoffs
  • Budgets for car maintenance
  • Monitor debts
Build Wealth
  • Watch for trends
  • Create investment budgets
  • Monitor transactions
Live Generously
  • Track your net worth
  • Create retirement goals
  • Monitor donations

Be confident in managing your finances.

Stay in control at all times and access a full suite of features including:

Viewing all your accounts in one place
Not only do FAIRWINDS accounts automatically load into Goals & Budgets, you can import details from accounts you hold elsewhere.
Visualizing your spending
From groceries to auto expenses to entertainment, you can use automated or custom categories to easily see where your money is going.
Automatic budget suggestions
Using your spending history, Goals & Budgets determines spending budgets for each category, with the option to customize your limits.
Overseeing trends for improvements
Get a snapshot of how much your spending has changed in a particular category month-over-month to see when spending spikes occur.
Predicting future expenses & deposits
See how your expenses weigh against your income on any given day, including predictions for your future, so you can plan right.
Paying off debt smarter
Get an overview of your debts in one place and determine how long they’ll take to pay off at your current payment amount or a different payment amount that you can customize.
Measuring your income to debt
See how your income compares to your debts for the previous year or month, so you can track your progress along the path to financial freedom.
Creating a plan for your future
From saving more to paying off debts to planning for retirement, create and follow your own roadmap to achieving your financial dreams.
Alerts for important account changes
Notifications can help you stay in touch with your finances by alerting you to important changes to your accounts.

Ready to get started?

Log in to FAIRWINDS Online or the FAIRWINDS Mobile App and select Goals & Budgets. Follow the instruction to begin setting up the categories that fit your needs.

Getting Started Videos

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