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Retrieve your account information with the simplicity of a text message.

We’ve made keeping track of your balances and expenses as easy as sending a text message. With a quick and easy to follow setup process, you’ll be able to request your latest balance, see recent transactions and make transfers with a few taps on your keyboard.

Activate Text Banking:

  • Log into FAIRWINDS Online
  • Select Text Messaging Banking from the Additional Services drop down.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and follow the onscreen prompts.

Send your message to: 454545

Command Description of Command
bal Primary account balance
bal all All account balances
last Last 5 transactions on primary account
bal chk Account balance of checking account
bal sav Account balance of savings account
trans Transfer funds to primary account
Example: TRANS 200 will transfer $200.00 from your designated source account to your primary account
help Help on keywords
stop Deactivate Text Msg Banking service

*Messaging and data rates for your phone may apply.