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FAIRWINDS rates as low as
APR New Car - 36 Mo


National Average*
APR New Car - 36 Mo

$552 is the difference between the amount paid in interest between FAIRWINDS Credit Union's rate at 4.70% APR compared to 6.06% APR for the National market average over the life of a $25,000 auto loan over 36 months.

*Based upon independent research conducted by Datatrac for 135694 financial institution locations in the National market as of June 1, 2023.
APR = Annual Percentage Rate

Vehicle Loan Rates Apply Now

Loan Term New Car APR* Used Car APR*
36 Month
 Eliminate Debt
new auto rates starting at
used auto rates starting at
48 Month
 Eliminate Debt
new auto rates starting at
used auto rates starting at
60 Month
new auto rates starting at
used auto rates starting at
72 Month
new auto rates starting at
used auto rates starting at
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Enjoy a .25% APR* discount on your next auto loan when you have the FAIRWINDS Visa Signature® card.
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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate

Rates are current as of 05/01/2023. Your actual rate is based on your credit quality, down payment, loan term, and amount financed.

Discounted Rate: Rates above include a .10% discount for automatic payment from a FAIRWINDS checking account. The rate will increase by .10% in the event payment is discontinued. Any increase in the rate will result in more payments of the same amount until what you owe has been repaid.

Loans are subject to credit union membership eligibility, credit approval, and verification of information provided on the application. Other terms and conditions may apply. Terms and conditions subject to change at any time without prior notice.

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Take Control of Your Auto Payments
See how much you can save with short-term auto financing.
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  • Vehicle Loan Calculators

    Many factors go into determining the final loan amount for the purchase of a new or used vehicle.

  • How much is it worth?

    Get current values and information on the car you’re looking to buy or the car you’re trading in.

How to Save Hundreds of Dollars with a FAIRWINDS Car Loan

FAIRWINDS is helping financial freedom seekers nationwide shop, compare, and save on their next car. Whether you’re searching for your first or fifth car, we can help you buy a car and pay off your car loan as fast as possible.

Before browsing the inventory online or visiting the dealership, we’re equipping you with the tools and resources to guide you along the way. You’ll know how to fit a car loan in your budget, how to pay off your car loan as fast as possible, budgeting factors to consider, and benefits of a short-term car loan. Plus, we’re sharing whether zero-percent financing is an ideal choice to put in to your financial freedom plan.

Here are eight common questions and answers to get your car-buying journey started:

Should you buy a used car or new car?

This depends on what car you’re looking for and what’s best for your budget. Keep in mind that new cars depreciate 20 percent to 30 percent in the first year after purchase and 60 percent to 70 percent within the first five years. Whether you’re in the market for a new or used car, make sure your monthly car payment is no more than 15 percent of your gross pay, and your down payment is at least 20 percent of the purchase price.

What are the car loan rates today?

Financial freedom seekers are not only comparing their financing options, they’re seeking the lowest loan rates to save even more on their car. Our current auto loan rate for a new car starts as low as 4.70%, and our auto loan rate for a used car starts as low as 5.10%.

Why you should get a car loan preapproval?

A car loan preapproval will keep you financially focused on the cars that are budget-savers and steer clear from ones that are budget-busters. Be confident negotiating on offers with your financing in place and know exactly what rate you qualify for based on your credit history.

How much car can you afford?

We make it simple to get the full picture of how much to spend on your next car. Our free car loan calculators will give you a sneak peak of your savings with a lower interest rate and shorter-term financing, and how to accelerate your car payoff date by making more than the minimum monthly payments.

Should you accept zero-percent financing from the dealer?

While you might be driven to accept a zero-percent offer from dealers, you can save more money – and pay off your car faster – by combining a rebate, low interest rate, and a 36-month car loan. Zero-percent financing might be provided on longer terms but may result in forfeiting cash rebates. If you’re looking to get the full benefit on the interest savings from zero-percent financing, you’ll need to keep the car for the entire duration of the loan.

How do you buy a car with an online car buying service?

There’s even more savings around the corner when you shop and compare top brands online through the FAIRWINDS Car Buying Service, powered by TrueCar®. Save time and money by getting upfront pricing from a national network of more than 14,000 dealers and financing with FAIRWINDS’ shorter terms and lower rates. Your new or used car can be picked up at the dealership or delivered right to your front door.

Can you automate your car loan payments?

Automatically set up your monthly car loan payments with deductions straight from your FAIRWINDS Spending or Checking Account. Along with making automatic transfers, use an automated debit round-up program, like Change it Up, to attack your loan balance faster. Each purchase you make with your FAIRWINDS Visa® Debit Card will automatically round up to the nearest dollar. The difference will deposit directly into your FAIRWINDS loan account as a principal payment toward your new or used car loan.

How can you pay off your car loan early?

Before choosing a 72-month car loan, make a 36-month or 48-month car loan part of your financial freedom plan to pay off your car in record time. You’ll have lower monthly payments with a longer-term car loan, but a 72-month car loan is two to three extra years of payments. Along with lessening the amount of time you’ll pay off your car, you could save thousands of dollars in interest over the life of the loan.

We recommend paying for your car in cash, but if you need to finance your next car, use a free budgeting tool to confidently keep track of making your car loan payments on time. Goals and Budgets will help you where your money is going every month and find opportunities to pay off your car loan quicker. Even when you’re behind the steering wheel of your new or used car, remember to include additional costs such as insurance, registration fees, gas mileage, and maintenance. For future car repairs, maintain $1,000 in a designated emergency savings account to use for unexpected events instead of taking out another loan or using a credit card.

Once your car is paid off, keep the car – and keep making payments to yourself! This will help you achieve other milestones on your financial freedom journey, like paying off other debts, saving 3 to 6 months of expenses, or building your retirement savings. If you’re looking to buy another car in the future, open a goals-based savings account and save enough to buy your next car in cash.