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Once you find the location to build your home, we have the solutions to help you secure affordable land financing.

As you’re creating plans to build your dream home, make affordable financing – and options to pay off your mortgage faster – part of your plan as well.

  • Financing available up to 80% loan-to-value
  • 10- or 15-year terms available
  • Available for residential land in Florida
  • Up to 10 acres

Save More

  • Short-term mortgage: Our 15-year rate is one of the lowest in the nation and is the preferred choice for members looking to pay off their mortgage faster.
  • Re-lock to a lower rate if rates go down during the mortgage process, at no additional charge.*

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*Rate re-lock is available for mortgage purchase and mortgage refinance. After the first relock, there is a charge of $250.00 for each relock of the interest rate. The final interest rate must be locked in at least seven days prior to the closing of your loan. If you choose to relock more than once, the fee is due at the time of the rate relock and is charged for each relock. This offer is subject to change at any time. Certain terms and restrictions apply. Applicants choosing to participate in the Fannie Mae HomeReady®, FHA, or VA programs are not eligible for the FAIRWINDS relock program.