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You say debt. We say don't

We’re the financial partner that doesn’t want you to have any debt.

FAIRWINDS helps financial freedom seekers nationwide save more, eliminate debt, build wealth, and live generously.

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Money Milestones

Everyone’s journey is unique but following the nine money milestones will help you focus on what you’re doing well, where to adjust course, and how to go further to achieve financial freedom.

Here’s some of our members who have achieved their money milestones:

Milestone 1

Saving $1,000 for an emergency

“Thanks to FAIRWINDS, I have learned how to build my first ever emergency fund! I currently have $1,500 saved and will continue to add to it every month.”

— Edwin

Milestone 3

Pay off all debt, except your house

“By choosing a 36-month auto loan with FAIRWINDS, I was able to save money and pay off my auto loan early. Since then, I have built over $10,000 in savings!”

— Nicole

Milestone 8

Pay off your home as quickly as possible

“After leveraging a 15-year mortgage, and making extra payments whenever possible, we paid off our home! We are thankful to achieve this milestone.”

— Ruben